What is a Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)?

A UDO is a regulatory document that combines traditional zoning and subdivision regulations along with other desired regulations such as design guidelines, sign regulations, and floodplain and stormwater management into a single easy-to-read reference document. A UDO is intended to eliminate redundant or conflicting codes provisions, help streamline the review and approval process, and clarify the procedures and requirements with clear illustrations and language. The UDO process will:

  • Update, reorganize and provide new standards for existing land development codes

  • Update the overall structure and format of the existing ordinances

  • Standardize definitions, procedures, and enforcement processes

  • Create a document that is easy to use, understand, administer, and enforce

  • Assure the document is consistent with the latest North Carolina General Statutes

  • Add graphics and charts that clearly illustrate the intent of the UDO

Project Approach

The UDO process will take 15-18 months and will involve research and review of existing and proposed planning documents, interviews with stakeholders, input from public meetings, and identification of strengths and weaknesses within the County's current approach to development. All reports, analyses, and draft codes will be posted online for public review and comment. Comments submitted to the team or received during meetings will be collected and posted as well.

Steering Committee & Project Team

County Staff and the consultant, Stewart, are facilitating the update of the UDO under the guidance of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is composed of the following members:

  • Leslie Bell, Guilford County

  • Oliver Bass, Guilford County

  • Judy Stalder

  • Steven Thomas

  • Frank Park

  • Frankie Thomas

  • Michael Faucette

  • Ray Trapp

  • Amanda Hodierne

  • Jay Matey

  • Jimmy Morgan

  • Betty Smith

  • Lynn Gullick

  • Kim Rayle

  • Ernie Wilson

  • Craig Fleming

  • Kathleen Evans