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UDO - Full Version (adoption draft 09.28.2020) 


The zoning map is an important part of the Unified Development Ordinance. While the text in the UDO describes each zoning district, the zoning map illustrates where those districts are geographically located in Guilford County.  The location and boundaries of zoning districts are shown and maintained as part of the County’s Geographic Information System (GIS) under the direction of the Planning and Development Director. 


Article 4 of the UDO provides the Zoning District Transition Table which identifies the zoning districts in effect before and after the adoption of this Ordinance. For ease of transition and to reflect the rich agricultural heritage and established relatively lower-density development patterns of part of the County, the AG: RS-40; RS-30; and RS-20 zoning districts already established remain unchanged from past ordinance(s). Previous districts with strikethroughs are districts that have been either replaced or absorbed by decidedly similar districts.

NE Quadrant-1

NE Quadrant-2

NE Quadrant-3

NE Quadrant-4

NW Quadrant-1

NW Quadrant-2

NW Quadrant-3

NW Quadrant-4

SE Quadrant-1

SE Quadrant-2

SE Quadrant-3

SE Quadrant-4

SW Quadrant-1

SW Quadrant-2

SW Quadrant-3

SW Quadrant-4


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Public Workshop Summary (workshop held 10/29/18)

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UDO Assessment Report

Presentation to the Guilford County Board of Commissioners 9/20/18

Presentation to the Guilford County Board of Commissioners 1/16/2020