Current County Plans

Over time, Guilford County has developed a number of long-range plans that guide decisions and decision-makers in their duties. In fact, Guilford County and its municipalities have a history of land use problem solving through zoning. Analysis of existing plans will help inform development regulations that will make up the UDO. To brush up on your knowledge of Guilford County planning, follow the two links below!

Guilford County Long-Range Plans

This webpage contains the 2006 Comprehensive Plan and its updates as well as plans for the following areas:

  • Airport Area Plan

  • Alamance Creek Area Plan

  • Liberty Road/Woody Mill Road Vicinity Small Area Plan

  • Northeast Area Plan

  • Northern Lakes Area Plan

  • Northwest Area Plan

  • Rock Creek Area Plan

  • Southern Area Plan

  • Southwest Area Plan

Guilford County Codes and Ordinances

This webpage includes the Guilford County Development Ordinance and associated text amendments, the Guilford County Code, and Landscape Manual. Links are also provided for the NC State Building Code and the North Carolina General Statutes.